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How much does a coach cost?

A good coach pushes you to improve faster than you could on your own, saves you time, and accelerates your progress in a particular skill or ability. A good coach sees things in you that you may not yet see yourself and helps you bring out those qualities, so they shine in everything you do.

A good coach doesn’t just tell you what to do and then expect results; the coach asks questions and provides detailed feedback based on an insider’s perspective of what it takes to excel in a particular skill or area.

How much does a coaching cost?

The cost of coaching varies greatly depending on which coach you choose and what you want to work on. In Switzerland, the recommendation of coaching federation BSO is a fee of CHF 135 – CHF 250 per hour. The average cost in Germany in 2020 was 177 Euro per 60 minutes. Depending on the experience and qualifications of the coach, their rate can be considerably higher. You should also be aware that depending on the coaching method, sessions can last longer or shorter than 60 minutes.

These figures are similar to the price range of coaches on the online coaching platform Narra.

Tip: Many coaches offer a free initial consultation. During the initial consultation, ask the coach directly how they plan to work with you. The coach’s suggestion for a course of action should convince you. Furthermore, it helps when you feel that you can trust the coach and are able to envision yourself working with this person for the length of the coaching process.

Is it worth paying for a coach?

If you are trying to improve a particular skill or optimize an aspect of your life, hiring a coach is often a very wise investment with a good return on investment. A great coach can make all the difference when you’re trying to overcome a big challenge, achieve a specific goal, or increase your life satisfaction. We recommend that, within your financial means and the normal price range mentioned above, your primary consideration when choosing your coach is that he or she has experience with your topic and is a good fit for you. Our matching algorithm helps you to find the best coach.

In a separate post, we explain what coaching is and how coaching can help you.