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What does a life coach do?

A life coach helps people achieve their goals and change their lives for the better. Life coaches support their clients by giving them tools and skills to actively shape their own lives. Life Coaches are the go-to person on a variety of topics, including interpersonal relationships, self-confidence, work-life balance, and making decisions.

One of the main roles of a life coach is to help people develop the skills they need to achieve their goals. This can be done, for example, by the coach asking clients stimulating questions or encouraging them to try new things.

One skill that life coaching reinforces is the deliberate setting and step-by-step achievement of personal goals. Sometimes life coaches also help their clients identify and overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving goals (such as stress or communication difficulties). In addition, a coach can provide emotional support. For example, he or she can be a support during times of transition, such as moving to a new city or starting a new job.


How do life coaches work?

Some coaches work with individuals, others with groups. Life coaching can take place in a private context or on behalf of a company. Most coaches work according to a specific methodology and use a range of tools and techniques to help their clients move forward. Life coaches can work with their clients both in person and online via video call, with online sessions becoming more and more standard. Whether the coaching consists of a single session or lasts for several sessions depends on the issue at hand. Typically, life coaching entails about 6 to 12 sessions.

The life coaches at Narra have undergone training as a coach or psychologists. A quality criterion for coaches is that they have theoretical and practical training. Many coaches have additional training that enables them to offer clients specific coaching methods, such as systemic coaching. On the Narra Coach profiles, the training of each coach is listed.

What does a life coach cost?

There is no specific, general rate that applies to all coaching. The amount you pay for a coach depends on several factors, including the experience and training of the coach. The cost for a life coach is usually between 100€ and 250€ per hour. Generally, online coaching is less expensive than coaching in person. We recommend that you see the decision whether or not to book a coach as an investment in yourself. With successful coaching, the value generated can be many times the cost. This can be, for example, a happier everyday life, a successful partnership, or a successful career move.


How do I find a Life Coach?

Narra’s Coach Matching Algorithm helps you to find the right life coach. Often, coaches offer free introductory meetings where you can find out if a coach is a good fit for you